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Welcome to Year 4 Swordfish Class. Our teacher is Miss White.

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Science - Temperature

We have been learning all about what temperature water freezes at and the temperature at boiling point. We drew our own thermometers and annota...

Hip Hop

We are learning a new dance routine with Jem (we hope to include it in a performance at the end of term). We learn a few moves at a time a...

Science - The Skeleton

Our topic for this term is Movement and Growing. Wehave beenlearning about the three main functions ofthe skeleton and identifying a...

ICT - Combining Text and Graphics

We used the knowledge we had gained in our science topic on habitats to create a branching database using Textease. We selected images of different or...

Art - Repeating Patterns

Our learning objective for this topic was to produce a repeated pattern using different tools and techniques.


We have been learning to order sounds by pitch.

Melton Carnegie Museum

On the morning of Thursday, 28th June 2012, the Year Fours dressed up as evacuees for their visit to the Museum. They were there to learn more about W...

Follow-up to Museum Visit

On the afternoon of Thursday, 28th June, 2012, Year 4 were doing some follow-up work to their morning museum visit. The sky grew dark and the ...

History - World War Two

Year 3 and 4 are learning about World War Two, particularly what it was like to be a child during this time.

Maths - Problem Solving

Two men and two women want to sail to an island. The boat will only hold two women or one man. How can all four of them get to the island?

Activities at Belvoir Cricket Ground, Knipton

On Monday, 14th May,Year 4 and half of Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous day at Belvoir Cricket Ground, Knipton, set up by Darren Bicknell, Director of ...

Kingswood 2012

Another brilliant residential! We left Sherard on Wednesday, 18th April, stopping for lunch at the National Trust's Sheringham Park. As it was rainin...


One hundred years, yesterday, the Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic on its maiden voyage. Today, Year 4 learnt some facts about the ship, it...


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