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Welcome to the Spring term 2013 in Year 5 Whale Class. Our teacher is Mr Smith and our teaching assistant is Mrs Eggleston.

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Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Day

Once again we were privileged to be invited to the Belvoir Castle Estate for a Cricket and Countryside School Day. The weather was perfect and the wh...

Literacy - Stories From Other Cultures

For our topic this term we are looking at how language is used in stories from different cultures. Firstly, we studied a picture of a plate from a f...


We have been listening to music connected with our topic on Fairgrounds. We made fairground scores using graphical notation.

Design and Technology

Ourtopic for this term in Design and Technology is 'Fairgrounds'. We have been researching information about key fairground rides including the...

Let's Celebrate!

We have so much to be proud of in Year 5 and each week Mr Smith awards trophies to individuals who he thinks have made that little bit of extra effort...

Humanities - Britain's development since the 1940's

For this new topic we will be looking at how Britain has changed since 1945. We will be looking at one key development from each decade. Today we rese...

Literacy - Comic Strips

We have been drawing on our Superhero topic to create comic book strips using comic book techniques.


We have been solving word problems including decimals. We can use the grid method for multiplication and column method for addition.

Art and Design

As part of our literacy topic on superheroes, we have been making our own superhero masks.

RE - Space

As part of our science topic we recorded debates about how the universe was created (linked to RE).


We all enjoy reading in Mr Smith's class. We look out for interesting vocabulary or 'Wow' words and record them. We hope to include some of these word...

Numeracy - partitioning numbers for addition

We had fun in maths today. We have been practising partitioning numbers for addition. In our groups we were given sets of cards with numbers on (s...


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