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Olympic Torch Relay - 03 July 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay finally made its way to Melton Mowbray today, 3rd July, 2012. This was an exciting and historic event for us all.

The excitment began in Sherard with a very special Assembly:Phillip Minns, great-cousin of Imogen and Emilia Whitehouse and a former pupil at Sherard, returned to school as a torchbearer. Phillip carried his torch last week in Sheffield. There were gasps of amazement when Phillip reached into the special covering, (Imogen tells us it's called a 'sock') and revealed the torch!

Imogen said: 'I was excited and proud and Emilia was amazed how big the torch was.' Phillip has left us a lovely message on our guestbook. Don't forget to take a look.

Seventy children were chosen to represent Sherard at a special sporting event at Long Field High School. Although they missed Phillip's visit, they had their own excitement, playing against other schools in a variety of sports: football, netball, fencing, tennis, mountain biking, boccai and curling. Of course, they got to view the lit torch being carried across the field at Long Field.

Alfie Shelton said, 'I was very excited that a torchbearer let me hold his Olympic torch. It felt very light. I thought it would be heavy because it was metal.'

Mariah Morrish: 'I wish that I could've seen it in school for Phillip's visit, but some of us were at Long Field.When the torch came through, everyone was screaming and shouting. The students at Long Field were taking videos and pictures. It was very exciting! I hope that I'll see it again.

Max Gilbert: 'At Long Field, getting to play tennis with my brother in the final. It was sick (awesome)! In the afternoon, it was cool to see the Olympic torch in real life.'

After lunch, all the remaining adults and children at Sherard, many carrying Union flags and handmade torches, walked to Burton Road. They enjoyed watching the vehicles and people who travelled before the torch: the Police on motorbikes and in cars, the torchbearers in the buses, the Olympic sponsors and the marshals who were looking after the flame and the torchbearers. Finally, they cheered and clapped in support as the torchbearer himself proudly passed by with the lit torch.

Alex warrington: 'It was awesome seeing the torch in Assembly and getting to hold it!'

Steven Spong: 'It was amazing. I never thought I'd see the Olympic torch and I thought it would be heavier.'

Mia Blackmore: 'I liked the torch because it represents so much about the Olympics. I was excited to see the torch in school. I wasn't disappointed about not getting to hold it because it was enough to see it.

What an amazing and historic day! Some children have chosen to write and make things in response to the day, so look out for some further photos and documents which will be added as completed.

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